Life in South Louisiana

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler! Let The Good Times Roll, Dahlin!

That is truly how we South Louisianian's live. We live for life and we live life to the fullest. Eat, Drink And Be Merry! Our lives center around good living which encompasses food, drink, music, friends, family and good times all at the same time!

We don't eat to live and live to work like others do. We work to live. We live to eat, drink and enjoy the the world around us every single day to the very fullest. Every day, every get together, every meal is an event! If a storm blows in, we put on some music, light up a stogie, pour a drink, cook some good food, sit on the porch, visit, tell jokes, laugh and watch the wind blow the trees and rain around.

We have Hurricane parties! Yes, you heard me correctly! We gather together, pool our resources and keep each other in good spirits until the danger has passed. Then the party breaks out, musical instruments appear and the cooking begins! Usually, there is no electricity by then so we, as master outdoor cooks, go to work and produce a feast to behold. Whatever life throws at us, we embrace it and enjoy the event!

We are also very southern! I am a true Southern Belle and I was raised in two wealthy, refined, prominant southern families who came together upon my parents marriage. Brought up living and enjoying the finer southern lifestyle, my families embraced both their southern and cajun heritages. Our homes are filled with antiques and fine art.  I eat on china using silver and crystal every day! Yet, I'll eat crawfish on a picnic table covered with newspaper! 

That's the South Louisiana Way!  That's what makes Louisiana and it's people SO DIFFERENT from the rest of the nation. That's why Louisiana is so unique, it's nothing like you've ever experienced because We Live For Life!

Whether you're Southern or Cajun doesn't matter....That's how we live in South Louisiana!

I'm hoping through this blog I can convey, in some small way, our lifestyle. When you prepare any of my recipes, remember to make it an event and have fun while you cook as well as when you are enjoying the meal! Pop open a bottle of wine, enjoy the preparation and creation of a great meal and have fun!